Welcome to Liberty Chesapeakes About Us and Our Hunts

We offer fully guided waterfowl hunts for both ducks and geese with Canada and Whitefronted (specklebelly's) geese being our specialty. The last 3 years our hunters are averaging slightly over three geese killed per hunter per day.

Our Hunting Ground

All hunts are on private ground in central Kansas near Quivira National Wildlife Refuge we have access to more than 5,000 acres through leasing and or permission to hunt.

All of our hunts for geese are in harvested corn fields or winter wheat fields with the occasional cut Milo field thrown in for good measure. Duck hunts are as a rule on watersheds and in the late season we often find the ducks on the creeks and focus our efforts there.

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Our Geese Numbers

We historically start to see good numbers of birds start arriving the last of October with good numbers here by the second week of November peaking in early December often times at 1,000,000 birds but it is not uncommon for us to hold 300,000 plus birds after the peak for the duration of the season.Even in recent years we may have inclement weather that pushes the birds out but within a few days of the weather system passing they show back up as they have food sources in this area that rivals anywhere in the central flyway.

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Combo Hunts

We can also offer a combo hunt with a morning goose hunt and a afternoon pheasant hunt. However as this is Kansas and as we are almost as famous for our pheasants as our whitetail deer we strongly advise you to book your combo hunt well in advance as our pheasant guides are generally very busy and in order to insure your spot the more notice you can provide the better chance you will have to get the exact time you want.

We also have a controlled shooting area and can offer you an afternoon of shooting released pheasants which can be good practice for the young hunter or young dog.

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Hunt Setup and Accessories

We will supply all the decoys and layout blinds needed to insure a successful hunt and in some instances can help with any clothing you or someone in your party may need to insure you are comfortable while in the field.

Guns may also be rented for a nominal fee if needed but we strongly recommend you bring a firearm you are comfortable shooting.

Please let us know well in advance if there is anything you may need or if any one in your party has any physical limitations so we can insure you a pleasant experience while you are here with us.

All necessary licenses may be purchased from the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks web site with the exception of a federal duck stamp which we would recommend you buy prior to coming.

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We also offer a discount for hunters 16 and under as well as a discount for a party of adults of three or more in fact to encourage more hunters in the field as the number of hunters are falling off around the country we will also discount any wives or girlfriends that may wish to come as well.

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Day of the Hunt

 We will meet you in town in the morning and you will follow us to the field where everything will be set up and ready to go.

We as a rule do not offer bird cleaning as when we are done with a mornings hunt our number one focus is finding another field for the following day.

Also I am not in the habit of allowing hunters to bring there dogs. I am sure that many of you have fine dogs and in some cases I am sure they are even better hunters than my own gun dog but I can only be responsible for my dog and I would hate to see any one travel to hunt here and have their hunt ruined by a inexperienced or unruly dog. 

Please call or e-mail for prices and any questions you may have.

We look forward to providing you with memories that will last you a lifetime.


Brett Graham 

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